Friday, July 10, 2015

How to Save Summer Cash: Bikini Mash-Up

Oh sweet, sweet summer, how I love thee. I love the heat, I love the sun and I love frolicking around in my bikini all the day long. There are those of you TW's who love yourself a fancy bathing suit store and get a top of the line ity-bity suit to cover your lady parts. Then, there are the TW's like me, who scroll the clearance section of every store in an effort to create the perfect, mis-matched collection of suits to always keep you feeling fresh and flirty!

Target is usually a great resource for bikini piece purchasing. They often offer a "buy one, get one 50% off" during the summer season which makes it easy to stock up on some mix-n-match favorites. Whenever you are there shopping around, just squeeze in a quick look in swim and sale section to see what is worth snagging...often times you will find more than just one thing you like!

I love a good color block and cheeky bottom! This studded ditty is one of my favorites as is this new flowy top which was great when I was rocking a big preggo belly!
Zappos is another one of my favorite places to look for on sale singles. They have brands such as Hurley, Roxy and Volcom which often make super cute suits. Keep an eye out for when they start marking down the prices (around the middle of summer) then pounce on that price!

Feeling frisky in this Taylor Swift-esque high waisted number! With a pop of pink or floral,? Love!
As the season wares on it is easy to grow quite a stash of separates. Then you can mix your heart out for any occasion. I remember paying more than $60 for a matchy matchy suit...WTH was I thinking?! Now I have about 10 tops and bottoms which equates to a whoooole lot of options.

Neon or black, polka or many great choices!
Summer is at it's peak and now is the time to rock some sassy combos to your next pool or beach party. Don't waste one more second sitting around longing for that dream suit, get creative and make your own!

Feeling girly in these sweet combos!
 What are your favorites to mix-n-match? Or do you prefer a solid match for your bikini parties?

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