Friday, July 24, 2015

Body Target Practice - Becoming Bootylicious

No matter how fabulous, aging is inevitable. With those added years comes finding body parts giving into gravity a bit more than we may like. What's worse is as our metabolism slows down, it gets even harder to get weight off... no matter how slowly it may accumulate. Even if you keep up with your health and fitness like I do, there are still some body parts that just don't seem to want to cooperate. What does a Thriving Wife do? Target Practice, that's what!  I have decided the first to get all my attention is my tush.

While I am thankful for my natural ASSets, I am a firm beleiver that there is always room for improvement. As my body ages and babies come and go, I need that booty to stay up where I left it in my twenties. While I love a good tushy toning exercise, I want more. I want that round, tight Brazilian Butt.  I hit up Pinterest to see what moves I could add to my knowledge of fitness and target exercises.

I came across this 30 day butt challenge and thought, "Now this I could do". I liked the slow progression and I knew that with each day I would get stronger and by day 30 hopefully I could bounce a quarter off my butt. I decided then and there this was exactly what this 30 year old tush needed to literally KICK it in gear.  In addition to working in this daily "challenge" (even though I despise squats more than anything) I also wanted to throw in some Brazillian Butt moves for good measure.

I plan to get myself all pumped up and start on August 1st. Therefore, I will save the before pic (not sure I am ready to post that thang quite yet) for the end of August...keep you at the edge of your seat if you will (pun absolutely intended).  Here is hoping that my body is ready for the challenge and acts accordingly!

Do you have a body part you want to focus on for the next month? What should we do next, arms? abs?  

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