Wednesday, August 22, 2018

My 5 Favorite Labels...So Far.

Despite my personal passion for all things organized, now that I am a big time business lady, I feel even more entitled to buy allllll the supplies.

Especially indulging in my love of labels.

While Washi Tape still holds a huge place in my heart, I have been going nuts-so with my Amazon account as of late and don't show signs of slowing down. These five have been getting purchased and re-purchased as I attempt to label EVERYTHING in not only my home but also, in the different projects I take on for clients.

So, go ahead, treat yo'self and start a label collection of your own...all you have to do is click on the picture and BUY!!

1. CLEAR WITH GOLD BORDER. These are probably my most favorite. They create a clean, basic look with just a touch of sass (thank you gold) and are still oh so subtle. Great for pretty much everything that you want to label but maybe not scream, "HEY, THIS HAS A LABEL ON IT!!!" They are super easy to take on and off leaving no sticky residue..and heck, they even come with a pen!! L.O.V.E.

2. THE "SEE ME".  Same distributor, same inclusion of a great pen, different look. Still love these for the design, but I tend to use these more on things I want to REALLY notice. You know, like toys and stuff little ones need to learn to identify. These also add a great pop to a clear storage bin that is loaded up so you don't miss what all is in there.

3. THE CHALK LABEL.  These are one-use wonders, but for the price, you won't be mad at it. These are kinda my fave as far as chalk labels are concerned, and I mean, who doesn't love a good chalk label? Also comes with two pens, but I didn't use them as I prefer a thinner one myself. Same sassy designs and great for anything/everything!

4. THE CHALK CLIP. Not all of you (I won't say us since I am excluded from this statement) are in to the whole clear canister thing. I get it. It can be a lot for someone who is not obsessed with organizing or who doesn't have a deep rooted hatred for packaging. So, here, let's meet in the middle-ish. Chalk clips. These are great to get that cereal bag out of that junky old box, keep it fresh and also write what it know, like "Red Berries"... if you're in my house. You can also clip these on to thin bins to mark what is inside, and again, lose some of that junky packaging. If it too makes you cray.
5. THE CHALK TAG. Again with the chalk, I know, but it's just so great! I use these to label all the baskets that hide everything. You know, your wicker lovers in the house. The baskets you can put stuff in and easily forget since you can't see it. Too thick for a clip, means a tag is in order. Label it, tie it on and #boom, you are looking fresh, clean and organized!

And there you have it! My FIVE most ordered labels to date. Looking super forward to my next obsession as I continue on my journey of Organizing Specialist...well, and I guess just being anal ole' me!

Strive to thrive, 

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