Wednesday, August 15, 2018

How to Make Your Home a No Shoe Household

I am not sure at what point of my childhood my Thriving Mommy decided to make our home a no shoe zone, but she did. Perhaps it was after one of our Hawaiian getaways where it is just a part of the culture to remove shoes; not sure. I do however recall that at first it wasn't easy.  I remember my friends and I scoffing at this insanity, but I also remember that soon we were all doing it without even thinking anymore.

When I am home I like to be barefoot. Then when you add in lots of little kids who are ALWAYS barefoot/crawling/making "air angels" on the floor, the thought of tracking in all the filth from outside makes my skin crawl.

I mean, I would never allow my kids to walk barefoot/playing on a the floor of a public restroom, sidewalk...ok, kind of everywhere.

Therefore, my home too, my home is a no shoe household. I remember college was tough as I always lived with tons of other people, but I survived. Once I moved out on my own (ok, I never lived on my own, I went from my house to living with my now husband), I knew the no shoe thing had to make a comeback. As most of you know, I like my house super clean and super cozy. Which meant I had to train my shoe wearing husband this was his new normal. Thankfully, he is the most easy going, supportive, go with (mostly) whatever I say kind of guy and adjusted rather quickly. 

And let me tell you, having a no shoe household is the absolute best if you like to keep a tidy haven like I do.

Have you ever wondered how people that wear shoes in their homes can then go barefoot and NOT notice their feet are black with street filth? Well, I wonder. I mean, I PRAY they wash those feet  before they crawl in their beds.

And with that, I will end my judgement of filthy feet.

Making your home fresh and clean is a learning process for not only you, but also your family and friends. Even to this day, I sometimes feel slightly awkward politely asking guests to remove their shoes...especially in winter when they are wearing boots.

Which is why NOW is the best time to make the transition if you are ready and willing! The weather is still warm and sandals are easy to slip on and off. I mean, if I can teach my one year old to take off his shoes...I am pretty sure you can train your family (husbands are the hardest, #typical).

First and foremost, make it KNOWN. I have my sweet little wooden sign hanging above my door so anyone who wants to enter is aware, you can come in, but the shoes cannot. I decided to honor the old Hawaiian custom since I am part mermaid and all.

I also suggesting trying to make it easy. I have a bench right next to the door so if guests need to sit down to remove their shoes they have a designated place to do it then hop inside with their clean feet!

Have a "landing pad" there are only a few areas in our home that allow shoes, and those, are the landing pads. At each door, we have mats (Costco is where I grab my collection). Anyone coming over, removes on the outdoor mat. Our family comes in the front door and slips off their shoes on the main mat. Then we get to enter our fresh floored home... and know, if they were wearing sandals, I do in fact wipe off their feet with a damp towel. #imstraightcray

It is also important to create a space for these removed shoes. I have two suitcases stacked near the door. The bottom is for rain boots and other rarely worn shoes and the top has all the boys' shoes. Shoes go off and in the case. Clean AND clutter free! When we are heading out, they grab their shoes, put them on while sitting on the carpet and go out the door.

Even my sweet Dude is perfectly trained...I mean he isn't even two years old! 

Where are my shoes you ask? Well, when I or my Thriving Husband are heading out, we grab our shoes from our bedroom and bring them to the door. Again, clutter free!

Now, what about the irregular visitors, ie, contractors, my exterminator, ect. I have a box of slip on booties available to cover those dirty work shoes, don't you worry. They are all happy to oblige this anal neat freak and I am happy to not be having a panic attack on how quickly I can clean the floor after they leave.

As I said, it is absolutely a process, but as with everything, if you want it bad enough you can do it! 

I assure you once you make the commitment, you will be THRILLED at how clean your home feels and feet look!

Strive to thrive, 

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