Thursday, December 14, 2017

How to Eco Wrap this Christmas: Brown Paper Packages Tied Up with String

The holidays are the most wonderful (and expensive) time of the year. As if buying thoughtful gifts isn't enough to worry about, buying supplies to wrap these heartfelt gifts is just to much for this Thriving Wife. Not to mention you might as well just rip up and throw away the money you spend since that is basically what you do with wrapping paper....well, not me. I take a more eco-approach and use what I have on hand.

In years past I have always used newspaper as it is plentiful at my TH's fire station and is often just tossed anyway. I also have used grocery paper bags in the past too, but as we know in the state of California, those bags are not readily available or free anymore! Doesn't mean I still don't have a little stash to use for wrapping!

I took my Trader Joe's stacks and prepared each bag by cutting down the side, removing the bottom and the handles.

I was then left with one, nice, long piece of solid brown paper.

I went through the same monotonous, gift wrapping motions that one goes through to ensure my packages were perfectly prepared. Then I got excited to add some holiday flare!

Now, my "green" wrap choice is on full display under our tree!

With the big day quickly approaching, instead of running out to purchase wrapping supplies, why not see what you have around the house that can be reused. Magazines? What a perfect, picture filled choice. Newspaper? You know I love that. Brown paper bags filling up that lower cabinet? Not anymore, take them out and get wrapping! Your friends, family and Mother Earth are sure to love your recycled creativity!

 What is your go to wrap method? Love your store bought paper or are you open to mixing it up?

Strive to thrive, 

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