Wednesday, December 6, 2017

DIY Breakfast to Go - Overnight Oats

There is nothing I love more than a healthy, meal to take on the go. I am constantly on the run and sadly eat the majority of my meals over the sink or while in route. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that eating most anything I can prep ahead of time, grab and eat out of a jar is life.

Even better is finding things my kids will eat as they have become picky little monsters. I am always finding new tricks to keep them filled with fruits and veggies and living that #healthylife we so strive to live. Especially this time of year when the schedule gets more packed and the sugar intake hits an all time high (I am never one to turn down a holiday treat, never).

Overnight oats are by far my favorite breakfast (ok, that's a lie, my favorite is a huge breakfast burrito, but this is surely my second). I make enough for the week, in all different flavors and can eat them while I prep the boys food, in the car or even at school on those few days I work.

Healthy, easy and oh so tasty...a Thriving Wife's dream!

I use 16 oz, wide mouth Masons as they are my fave, but whatever you have will work!

First add your oats.

Next add in your yogurt and milk of choice.

Grab whatever fruit, nuts, seeds or random deliciousness you want to add and throw it in there!

Screw on a lid, give it a hard shake to mix everything up and you are DONE!

If you are me, then you of course add a Washi tape label to differentiate the flavors before storing in the fridge for the next day(s).

Come morning you will have a whole grain, protein party to start your day. Who I ask, doesn't love that?

Heck, why not sprinkle of your Thriving Homemade Granola to add a sweet crunch to every bite? I know I do!

Are you ready to do a little prep for a week of nutritious and delicious morning meals? I think you are!

What are some of your favorite overnight oat recipes?

Strive to thrive, 

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