Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Wheely Bug - Best Gift Ever

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As a parent, it seems like there is always an endless supply of toys coming through the house. Birthdays, Christmas, Just Because...I mean it really never stops. Last Christmas, the gift from my MIL, their Grandma G was truly a standout. The amazing Wheely Bug.

Wheely Bugs were designed in Australia to be safe and user friendly for pre-walkers and sprinters alike. They come in all sorts of cute animal/bug designs and are a hit with every kid who has one. They go in all directions and help to promote gross motor skills and balance...which I of course love. 
Easy to clean, easy to ride and safe for my little ones while also getting them moving was an answer to this toddler mom's prayers. As usual, HUGE thanks to Grandma G!

Clarkey-Puss and his beloved Piggy
Peanut taming Tigers one ride at a time.
As soon as my (not yet) 18 month old monsters saw their newest pals, they were obsessed. They pushed them, pulled them and scooted around the house at top speed. Thankfully our hardwood floors were the perfect "racetrack" for them as they went round and round showcasing their skills.

As we enter a year into our Wheely Bug lives, the boys have not stopped their love affairs. Granted, the scooting has gone from slow and steady to frighteningly fast, riding backwards, stunts and "tandem" rides. I think they will soon be ready for the Toddler X Games for Wheely Bug-ness.

Needless to say, when it comes to gift giving, this is my pick for the active one year old. I love that they are simple, classic and not plastic. You can find these cuties on Amazon or go their website to find a distributor near you. United States for us it is PrinceLionheart.com. Either way, this product is sure to be the one toy you want to keep forever!

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