Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Recipe Rave Review: Veggie Hash

I am not a weekly menu following Thriving Wife, too much pressure for me. I never know what the night will hold and feeling locked down into one dinner plan gives me serious anxiety. However, not knowing what on Earth to make for dinner also gives me minor anxiety which is why I love me a theme night! Each night of the week is a different "theme" so I can keep all my go-to dinners in rotation and even try out a new recipe or two.  When "Wake Up Wednesdays" come around I am often found scrambling, skillet-ing or flipping hot cakes. When I realized that I could be creating my own veggie hash from a Phoenix favorite eatery, Lux Central, I was thrilled to throw something new in the mix. 

Let your hash browns defrost a bit while you shred the zucchini, carrots and chop your broccoli. Once your skillet is coated with olive oil and nice and hot, toss in all the goods.  

Spend the next few minutes mixing everything up and seasoning with salt and pepper.

Once the hash has been mixed up, take your spatula and flatten on the bottom of the skillet. Let cook for a few minutes then separate into sections.  Let the bottom get nice and golden brown, (confirm it with a sneak peak to the bottom of a section) then carefully flip that baby to crisp up the other side.  Heck, take a second to pour yourself a mimosa with fresh strawberries while you wait!

Once both sides are golden, crispy and seemingly delicious, take them off the heat. Before you enjoy that hash from heaven, cook up some eggs over easy, broil some fresh bread and get ready to "wake up"!

What are some of your favorite breakfast recipes I should try for "Wake Up Wednesday?"

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