Friday, June 12, 2015

Thriving Fashion - Sassy Casual Date Night

Now that I am a mommy of twin boys, I don't really get out much. I can probably count the number of times I have gone out without those two on one hand. I have become accustomed to woofing my food down in seconds so that I can feed/play/keep a baby holding it together if we are out to eat. When the opportunity arises for me to sneak out for a bit I get rather excited. Especially when I get to enjoy the company of my fellow TW Nic and our TH' that is a rare occasion!

I in no way consider myself a fashionista but I do love clothing, shoes, bags and accessories. I also love to get "cleaned up" when going out. Since I am most often in a "mom-i-form" of sorts these days, I often look through my closet longingly, dreaming of where I could go to rock my favorite outfits. Especially since they all fit again!  Of course, when Nic and I made plans to double date in Laguna Beach, I was thrilled to be able to bust out some "real clothes".  I grabbed my favorite dark denim skinnies, loose Urban Outfitters tank, Urban Outfitters bralette (the same one I wore during labor mind you), oversized cardigan and strappy wedges. I pulled my hair back into a messy pony tail and slapped on some red lipstick.

To add a little statement I grabbed my Stella & Dot Soleil Pendant (which you can wear two ways and I LOVE)  and mustard Tory Burch clutch.  I was feeling slightly sassy and ready for my fashion show. Now please remember, we Thriving Wives DO NOT claim to be a fashion blog...but I do know how to have a little fun pretending to be a model!

Seems like just your average top and jeans right, well just wait until that cardigan makes its way down my out now!!! Love the low back of this tank and how it allows for the lacy bralette to add that mommy sass only a Saturday night out without kids can provide.

The red lips gave it a little more "pizazz" for an adult evening out. This pose only left me laughing hysterically at myself...who did I think I was? Gigi Hadid?!

Nope, just one Thriving Mommy who doesn't get out ridiculous I couldn't help cracking up while my TH tried to be a serious photographer. Once I pulled it together, it was time to meet our other Thriving Couple for a delicious dinner at Brussels Bistro in LB. 

With my sassy casual threads, messy pony and red lips I was ready to hit the town! Red wine for the girls and custom beer flights for the boys. Now that is a great way to start the night.

My red lipstick got a bit faded savoring this aaaaamazing quadrupal mac and cheese. I sorta had a fork fight with Nic over this one...remind me not to share next time.

This Game of Thrones-esque sausage tray was just what the TH's needed to compliment their Belgium beers. They were even more excited to be able to use their steak knifes and not have to hide them from grab happy little hands!

After a luxurious, slow paced dinner we headed for one last sweet treat before going back to our little ones...gelato...yum.

Cheers to a fabulous night out where these mommies got to enjoy themselves and look good while doing it! Loving this go-to outfit and will surely wear a different variation of it again soon.  That loose top was essential to the binge eating and drinking that took place....until next time!

What are your favorite sassy casual outfits? How do you accessorize?

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