Friday, May 22, 2015

Living The Dream

Welcome home!!!
My TH has always wanted "land". When we first moved to Orange County three years ago he suggested we take a look at properties more inland. I scoffed at the mere thought of living away from the coast and told him to forget about it.  Back then, I was not at all interested. I mean, our friends and family were West of the 5 and that was where I intended on staying, ooookkkaaayyy?! (snap, snap, snap).  I had a great job in Newport Beach and we didn't yet have children so why on Earth did we need a big property? 

My new front yard...
Oh, how times have changed...knowing my TH still had dreams of an "estate" we started to discuss it more seriously after the twins arrived. But first, we had to figure out the details.  Where was he thinking of living? Would I be able to commute and keep my job that I loved so much or would I finally be able to work from home to be with my babies?  What about my Thriving Mommy who had completely centered her life in So Cal to help with her grandchildren? Knowing that my TM and I are very close, my TH had already long accepted that our future would always include her. We are Latinas after all, keeping family together is what we do!

The three of us chatted about our future estate for fun, but we knew it was a few years off.  That was all until the Universe answered our energy sooner than anticipated and dropped our new home right into our laps.

Upper patio
After driving inland and checking things out, we narrowed it down to the Temecula area. It was only 18 miles from Oceanside, had grown like crazy over the past few years and was considered "Wine Country of So Cal". Being a wine lover myself, I was interested in taking a closer look around.  The first time I went out there I loved it! The second time I went with just my TM and we decided to look at a couple houses just for fun. Then our new friend and real estate agent J showed us THE house. The clouds parted, sky opened up and I knew we were home.

A view of the gated backyard..Thriving Resort much?!
Our future plans were suddenly becoming today's reality. I immediately told my TH he needed to take a look at this house. I explained that while I knew we hadn't planned on moving so soon, this house was worth him checking out.  He is usually the one who brings me down from my highs, but I really thought this house was everything he had ever said his dream house needed to include...I was right!  It was on 5 acres, up in the hills and away from everything but only 6 miles from downtown. It had two, two car garages. One for just his man-cave/classic car work and one for the family. It had a place to hook up and store our trailer. The backyard was completely fenced in as was the rest of the property which was filled with gorgeous oak trees and a shimmering stream. It has a beautiful pool and built in bar/BBQ entertaining area. The living space was open and inviting with plenty of rooms for our growing family. It had the perfect spot for my TM to build a home of her own...I mean it had EVERYTHING.

Our sprawling property, complete with a stream, chicken coop and enclosed garden!
We all agreed that this was too good to be true. After much deliberation we decided to just put in an offer and see what happened. If it was meant to be it was meant to be. If it was accepted my TH and I would put our house on the market and see what happened. Well, it was meant to be alright. Our house had offers within 48 hours and before we knew it we were in double escrows (more on that to come). It was all happening so fast it truly made my head spin.  But, as I took deep breaths, I reminded myself that everything happens for a reason and that this opportunity was brought to us because we had asked for it...we just didn't expect our thoughts to be answered so soon!

30 days later we were packed up and moving out of the only home our babies had ever known. We loaded up two U Hauls, a trailer and headed out to Temecula to our "Forever Estate". This is the home we will live in for the rest of our lives. This is the home we will watch our children grow up in and we will cherish for generations to come. 

I am so excited/nervous for this new adventure and look forward to sharing all my new nest-a-palooza tips with you soon! Once I survive this move, I will explain how double escrows work for all you Thriving Readers who are thinking about making an upgrade in your near future.  Stay tuned and get those bikini bodies ready for a long summer of nesting, wine tasting and pool lounging!

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