Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Preparing for Twins

I have known I was meant to be a mommy since the beginning of time.  I have always wanted a full time career in wife/mommy-dom.  This is why I am so passionate about TW; I don't feel there is any job more important than keeping a lovely home, taking care of my husband and raising kind, productive little people...all the while thriving.  Call me old fashioned (no, please, call me that, I love it) but this is just who I am.

After my life turned out to be quite the fairy tale (meeting the love of my life at the young age of 18 and creating a strong foundation before we got married) and having the most perfect wedding, I was rather surprised at the setback of struggling with getting pregnant.  But, as is typical for our family, we never stopped seeing our lives as we wanted them and did what we needed to do to make it a reality (insert IVF experience).  Alas, here we are, on the last leg of my healthy pregnancy desperately trying to fully grasp that we will soon be holding two gorgeous baby boys.  I couldn't be more thrilled about having twins. Had we not had difficulty getting pregnant, then we would either be trying for baby three or I'd be pregnant with baby three.  So, being blessed with two babies at once makes me feel like I am getting slightly back on track.  I am not denying it will be a challenge, but I have never shied away from hard work.  I welcome raising these two little men with open arms, full of only love and excitement.

When people find out I am having twins, I usually get the same questions/comments, "Oh twins!! Do they run in your family?" , "Won't you have your hands full" and "Well, at least you can be one and done!"  People are more astonished than anything else, which I can totally understand, but babies are babies, so we are just preparing for two rather than one.  Should I be making that a bigger deal?  

Since I have never fully prepared for one baby (purchasing, collecting and planning forever doesn't count), I can't really speak to how it is any different prepping for twins.  All I know is that pretty everything is times two; cribs (not that you need these right away), car seats, diapers, clothes...the list goes on.  We were so overjoyed to find out that we were pregnant with two babies, we didn't think much about anything else...well, I didn't at least, I knew we would make it work.  My TH had some moments of "financial concern", which is appreciated, but not needed.  I knew it would work out as it always does.  I may not get to go to lululemon as often as I prefer, but I can deal with that.

  • Two babies, one pregnancy
  • Instant comfort/playmates/besties
  • Having twins first will make everything else seem easy
  • Double the babies to love!
  • More work - meticulous schedules, notes, no breaks for mommy or daddy
  • Cost of a baby/child the same time - clothes, food, cars, tuition
  • Double the stuff to lug around (bigger/heavier diaper bag, bigger stroller, two car seats)

Regardless of having multiples or not, we are preparing for a new arrival (times two).  We have made the double purchases (making sure to take advantage of all sales and deals over the past nine months) and are ready to put in work. Granted, I do worry about how it will all play out the first few months (what is the order: change, feed, burp, baby swap, feed, burp, change and pray they go back to sleep?), but I know that my TH (in addition to my Thriving Mommy/Full Service Assistant and Magical Aunt B) will help with the day to day struggles and our family and friends from near and far will all welcome an opportunity to snuggle a baby or two while we rest.

So, here we go...

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