Tuesday, October 22, 2019

DIY Handprint Spiders

I love to get the boys outside and letting them play and get creative. This is one of the easiest craft projects and as you all know, anything with a hand print is a win!

Here is an easy way to make some fun & spooky spiders!
I first gave the boys a half sheet of paper and let them go nutty with my favorite, dot art painters. I thought orange and purple would be appropriate for a background pallet, so the boys got on to slamming down dots.

Once those dried, out came the black, non-toxic, waterproof paint. My goal was to have each little hand (no thumb) be part of the spider body in hopes of getting those little eight fingers to look like spider legs. 

The spiders were a big smudgy but that is to be expected with busy boys. Hey, it could be a tarantula right?!

Next up, the cobweb. The boys helped me squeeze the black glitter glue in the corner of the paper in a perfect webbed fashion. This is the only glitter I allow, it must be in glue form. A black sharpe would work too.

They loved the squiggly line going down from the web to their spider and squealed with delight! Two eyes and our spiders were complete.

Once that glitter dried we were done! I showed the boys how to write Happy Halloween and we all stood back to admire our oh-so spooky spiders!

This craft was easy, fun and fa great way to add a personal touch to your Halloween Decor!

Strive to thrive, 

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