Wednesday, June 12, 2019

How to Sneak in Veggies to your Littles - Smoothie Pops!

When the boys were younger they ate everything. Broccoli by the bushel, spinach scrambles, zucchini tacos; I mean allll the veggies. 

Then that sassy toddler switch went on and they got annoyingly picky. These days it seems as though they have a sixth sense of my veggie sneaking and can locate exactly where I hid it...yes they even found the ninja'ed broccoli hidden in their pesto sauce..ugh!

As a veggie lover myself I always worry that they aren't getting enough of that colorful, healthy goodness. They will eat almost all fruit, but something about vegetables they just will. not. do. RUDE!

Of course, I will not tolerate this and I knew a sure fire way to sneak in loads of greens was in a tasty smoothie. I loaded them each up with some green goodness, hid it in an aluminum cup and I was in business! My smoothing game was strong for what seemed like forever...and then that Clarkey-Puss started to boycott those as well. What the heck was I going to do now?!

The picky Puss himself enjoying his smoothie pop poolside!

Then it dawned on me, popsicles! These fun treats are always welcomed by the boys and since So Cal is basically an endless summer, they are the perfect post-rest time, afternoon snack.  I can load them up with greens, fruit, protein powder and they are so elated to be getting a popsicle they woof that thing down and beg for that is a #mommywin for sho!

I knew I needed some molds and grabbed these BPA free, drip catching, large Mamasicle popsicle molds from Amazon and am truly obsessed. Plus, their website has gaggles of recipes for the whole family to enjoy...even wine pops for mommy...YES!

While you can pretty much add whatever you want to sneak past your littles tastebuds, my daily recipe is easy and welcomed each and every day. HORRAY!

It's so easy, it's too easy. Grab your ingredients (whatever they may be), blend, pour and freeze!

SO many nutrients, SO much plant based protein (if you too have vegetarian babies, these are insanely loaded with the greens/powder/yogurt combo) and SO tasty!

Greens first...
Blueberries are great to add as they hide ALL the green color and are full of antioxidants...
The sweet fruit completely hides those bitter greens...
Extra boost of protein...
Mamasicle molds come with a handy tray to make pouring and storing as enjoyable as a summer breeze!

Fill them up, pop on the top and that is it. You have made a super healthy, super tasty, kid friendly snack you can feel good about giving your littles...especially when they demand seconds.

Summer is in full swing Thrivers, so let's get popsiclin' and sneakin' in those greens...ha, and those littles thought they couldn't be outsmarted...

Strive to thrive, 

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