Wednesday, October 24, 2018

How to Thrive with Theme Night Dinners

Being a Thriving Wife/mommy is not always an easy task; but it is my truest passion. Being a home boss, working part time, managing four little boys, growing a new business, trying to teach a few fitness classes and of course running Thriving Wives keeps me Bu-Sy. But, since I consider myself pretty traditional, having a healthy, tasty meal for our family to enjoy together each night is a must.

Now, I applaud those menu wives/mommies...good for you. I cannot stick to something so rigid as I never know where the day is going to take me. I am more of the "whip something up" type which is why having a theme for each night allows me some flexibility, but to also be prepared with options that are easy to knock out. I keep my pantry/fridge stocked with basics so I can tackle any of my go-to recipes for the week.

So here it is, my weekly theme night dinner plan in addition to my circulating menu. Please note, the kids pretty much eat the same thing each week and refuse to have it any other way which makes it even easier for me!

MEXICAN MONDAY: I know, it is not "Taco Tuesday", but I won't be limited to tacos!! The week kicks off with my favorite, Mexican food. Here is some of my rotating dinner selections...

TUSCANY TUESDAY: Italian food is always pretty simple because throwing together a pasta dish takes nearly no time at all. Since we are no carb dodgers, I always use whole wheat, organic noodles. But of course, you can sub in zoodles or any sort of gluten free pasta too. And since I rarely add in meat, you can also add Italian sausage or another ground animal to keep the carnivores happy. Serve with a green salad and even french bread to round out the whole meal.

WAKE UP WEDNESDAY: Breakfast for dinner, a bad idea? I think not. The weekends go so fast and I don't feel I get to spend enough time eating the fancy breakfasts I so enjoy.  Enter Wake Up Wednesdays! Finally, a chance to eat all those yummy brunch-like meals I just don't have time for during the week.

THANKFUL THURSDAY: Tonight's menu is all about good ole' American comfort food, and well, cleaning out the fridge of any leftovers. I typically have a few things to get rid of, so the boys often enjoy what I call, "Shmorgousboard" where they have a little of everything!

FRIDAY NIGHT PIZZA PARTY: It's Friday which means it is time to celebrate with some tasty pizza! I make the dough a few hours before (so easy) then the kids start their assembly line.  I love getting them involved and they love to spread sauce and sprinkle the cheese. They choose their toppings and then I get all gourmet and fancy with the "parent pizza". Throw them on the BBQ and eat outside or pop them in the oven; either way they are delish. Serve with a green salad and you are ready to start the weekend! Here are a few of my favorites.

And there you have it. A week of themed nights that make it easy for whipping up dinner in a snap. You can incorporate any meals you like and keep rotating them through so you never get bored. Since I always have fresh fruits and veggies on hand, as long as your pantry is stocked with staples and you are never without the basics (G forbid I run out of tortillas), you are ready to go each night of the week!

When the weekend hits, I either use a different meal from one of the theme nights, try a new recipe or we order in. I have been doing this whole theme night thing for years now and have had great success. Keeps me stress free about what to make for dinner and keeps my family happy and fed!

I hope you enjoy implementing theme nights into your Thriving Home too!

Strive to thrive, 

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