Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Add That Pop Of Color

Over the years my decorating style has become more and more reserved. I like to keep my backgrounds neutral (I have been reaaalllyy into the grey palate) and add POPS of color throughout the rest of the house. Since most (if not all) of my furniture is second hand/vintage it tends to also be pretty plain. Which to me, is an even more exciting way to use my house as a "canvas" of sorts.
  • Fresh Flowers. I tend to get bright, vibrant colors to draw the eyes to that POP of color!

  • Potted Plant. If you aren't into buying fresh flowers each week, either snip some from your garden or invest in a potted plant. My purple orchid added quite a POP to my dining room.

  • Books. I love me some books on display. I decided to showcase a "His & Hers" collection which also had a bright POP of color to add some fiery red to the room. 

  • Frugal Fab Finds. Strawberry Shortcake anyone? When I found this worn little tid-bit at a garage sale I knew it would be just the right POP to add to my dining room's ivory vintage hutch. 

  • Aprons. My kitchen's "whisper of mint" cabinets are only brought to life through my assortment of vintage knobs.  Well, I knew just what POP would add a bit more to the room to make it stand out...my apron collection!

  • Color Contrast. Another surefire way to add that POP of color to a room...color contrast! I love to use fresh fruit against a bright colander. I find great pleasure in picking which of my colored colanders to will play best against my weekly fruit purchases.

How do you add that POP of color?!

Strive to thrive, 

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