Friday, November 6, 2015

How to Assault Your Abdomen

A lady's midsection is often at the root of her body issues.  While I myself am more concerned with my lower body, I have found that many are insecure about their tummies.  Genetics, diet, lifestyle, and childbirth can all play a hand. Carrying a baby can especially wreak havoc on a midsection if proper diet and exercise are not maintained throughout one's pregnancy. More often than not, I have friends/clients ask where to begin on an assault to their abdomen.

My first answer is always posture.  The best thing you can do for your core is to suck it in... ALL. DAY. LONG.  Concentrate on bringing that belly button to your spine and then snapping the two together. By doing so, you activate your core muscles while also lengthening your upper body. Not only will you appear taller and thinner, but you will be burning calories as your body works to maintain that tight tummy.   

Appropriate posture (especially when seated) can be a workout in itself. Your lower back won't know what to do when you sit and stand correctly; it may even ache which is really it screaming, "Weeeeaaakkkk sauce".  When you walk: shoulders back, chest out, core engaged.  Always stand tall, tummy tight and activated when moving throughout your day.  Same when you sit, shoulders are back, chest is out and you are pulling that belly in.  If you need to start with something behind your chair to prompt you, go for it.  Use anything from a foam block, firm pillow or book set to keep you aware of your posture.

Once you have mastered posture, include at least 300 crunches into your daily routine. Mix it up by choosing from an "ab menu" if you will. Doesn't matter what you decide, just make it happen. While you watch TV, while you are waiting for dinner to cook, before you hop in the shower; whenever, just bang. it. out. 

The last step to launching a full blown abdomen assault is to continue with cardio.  Get your heart rate up and get sweaty at least three times a week. Let that fat melt away by throwing a power hour or some sprint intervals into your weekly routine.

By making a constant effort to keep that tummy tight paired with daily ab work and weekly cardio, you will surely see your hard work pay off in the upcoming months!

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