Tuesday, December 17, 2013

DIY Christmas Clothespins

With the holidays comes lots of mail.  What do  you do with all the lovely Christmas cards?  Do you display them on the fireplace or table?  Hang them from your stairs?  Throw them in a basket?  This year, I had to make some real decisions; it is my first year of many in my "real" home.  So, I grabbed some craft supplies and got to work.

First, to my seemingly endless ribbon supply for a festive gold to add some sparkle.  Next, some holiday colored stickers from my Christmas craft bin (yes, I do have one of those...) and lastly good old clothespins.  I am not sure where I got these since I typically always have some on hand, but I am pretty sure it was Target this time.

I wanted to hang this gorgeous gold ribbon behind my Christmas tree to showcase my cards, so I unrolled that ribbon and measured along the window it would be in front of.  So far, it was looking good.

Grabbing my holiday "jewels" and my clothespins, I used an assortment of colors and sizes and just went for it.  It was taking me all of seconds and I was loving my quick holiday pizzazz.

Soon, I my clothespins were done and I was ready to showcase my cards.  I grabbed one, gave it a pinch and as usual, squealed with delight!  They were just the little bit of holiday magic I needed to feel fancy. I made some extra pins so as new cards come in the mail, I can rush them to my gold ribbon and pin, pin, pin!!

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