Monday, January 14, 2013

Nurturing Positive Behavior & Success in the Classroom

Being the talented and special educational powerhouse that she is, Em is a guest blogger over on Simply Stavish today! The blog is run by speech pathologist Mindi Stavish, who writes about language development as well as lifestyle topics which makes for a fun and fascinating read. Today Em is talking about "How to Nurture Positive Behavior and Success in the Classroom", here is an excerpt:

Throughout my experience as an educator I have always put building relationships with my students as a top priority. I set aside time to meet with each student individually in an effort to get to know them one on one. I have found creating strong, positive and mutually respectful relationships with students produces better behaviors. I am not one who believes in authoritarian classrooms nor do I expect students to respond to someone who demands respect. I want students to want to respect me and do well because they know I have their best interest in mind and I truly care.

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