Tuesday, July 18, 2017

DIY Wooden Washi Tape Decor

Again, no secret, I loooooove me some Washi Tape. Making my own stationary, Christmas cards and party straws... just the tip of the iceberg. I pretty much use it for everything and may start my own clothing/jewelry/handbag line out of the stuff.  But for now, I will share my latest quick craft I lovingly refer to as "Wooden Washi".

With age, my decorating stye has gone from fast and furious to slow and steady.  Gone are the days when I would throw crap up on the walls as quickly as possible only to dislike it a few months later and start again...gone.

Now that I am in my "forever home", I am loving the wide open wall space and filling it with only things I am obsessed with. Any time I have to ask my Thriving Husband to get out his tools to mount something, I want to make sure it's a keeper.

As we continue to transform our house into our home I am always adding a little something here, making plans for a little something there or my personal favorite the never ending rearranging/reorganizing.

I've even headed downstairs. Currently our lower level features the laundry room (always used), playroom (often used) and two guest rooms (rarely used). While the guest rooms are furnished and always clean/ready for friends and fam...they are sparsely decorated.

One of our guest rooms features a set of twin beds, a few key vintage furniture finds and a closet full of Costco overflow items...aaaand that's it. Aside from one pop of color (teal hutch) I dare say it is barren. White curtains and white bedding make it clean and fresh looking....but it was finally time to add a little something to the walls. I immediately wanted to do a huge empty frame above each...but I realize I have a problem with large empty frames and wanting them everywhere. I get it.

So, I popped into Michaels one day just to see if there was anything that caught my eye... of course...I had a coupon. I had been looking around at vintage stores and and garage sales but had yet to find a set of anything I really liked.

I headed to the sign section to check out decals and other random things to get some inspiration and tumbled upon these little stamp-esque wooden cut outs. I thought about buying some pre-made design/stencil for them and then I remembered my amazing Washi Tape collection. I had the perfect tape for the job!

When I got home I pulled two patterns...a gold polka dot and a floral.

I measured, cut, scalloped, stuck, smoothed and trimmed...soon I was D.O.N.E.

I loved the contrast in patterns and the sheer/aged look that the combinations provided. As a certified floral fanatic these were JUST what I had been looking for. Dainty, subtle but added just a touch of warmth...#boom.

Gotta love a cheap, easy craft you can bust out while the kids watch the same episode of Mighty Machines...

I may add a few more and make more of a gallery per se, but for now, they are a great start!

Any other wonderful Washi crafts I need to try?!

Strive to Thrive, 

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