Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Recipe - Oh So Easy Ice Cream Sammies

The solstice has come and gone which means summer is here! And for me, summer is a time to eat ice cream. Well, who am I kidding...any season is a time to eat ice cream. 

Since I... A) Love summer B) Love ice cream and C) Love cookies...I decided to whip up some of my very own ice cream cookie sandwiches to keep on hand when that sweet tooth kicked in (which it does daily).

I will admit, I was VERY lazy when it came to the baking. The mere thought of turning on the oven in 100+ degree heat was not going to happen. So, I decided to silence my inner Thriving Wife with the whole cookie thing and just buy them from the store (insert horrified gasp).

I am hoping I can make it up to you all by assuring you I did, in fact use one of my favorite appliances and made homemade ice cream. It is so easy and doesn't make me please, accept my honesty.

With my store bought cookies (I have a weird obsession with Von's M&M clue how that started), homemade vanilla ice cream and sprinkle selection I was ready to assemble. 

I laid down some wax paper under the cookies as I planned to use it to wrap my gaggles of sammies to store in the freezer. 

I scooped out some fresh ice cream, placed on the top cookie and squished it down to perfection. My goal was to have a slight ice cream ooze...all the better to sprinkle with!

Next up, I choose a sprinkle and just rolled my ice cream ooze to make sure each part was evenly blasted with a pop of sugary color!

I wrapped the wax paper around the cookie, secured with a colorful sticker and stored away in the freezer.

Once I had one down I was a machine! Cookie, ice cream, sprinkle, WRAP!

While I of course enjoyed the sweet treat while "slaving away in the kitchen" (duh), you can bet I was even more excited to have a freezer stash to share. These are so easy and great for any party!

Looking forward to making these again, like all the time, especially when my kids are older and I let them eat processed sugar in mass quantities! I swear I will make the cookies from scratch on my next go round and get more daring with my ice cream choices.  I am thinking a chocolate, chocolate chip cookie with Mexican chocolate ice cream? Who's with me?!

What suggestions do you have? Any sammies you wish you could now?

Strive to Thrive, 

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