Thursday, March 9, 2017

I'm Seeing Orange...Theory Fitness

**The pictures included on this post are all tinted with an orange hue, please be aware I am fully aware of this fact**

As you all know, I love to workout.  Since having my last little man, I haven't gotten back into teaching fitness classes quite yet (due to the busy mom of three schedule and all); boo. Heck, I haven't even been able to really go to classes since moving and have had to take matters into my own hands by creating my own home gym

For years I had seen these Orangetheory studios popping up all around, but I hadn't had a chance to explore as I usually do. Lucky for me, it didn't take long for the reviews to make their way to my ears. Friends and clients alike started telling me about how this place was perfect for me. I enviously listened as they shared their latest sweaty tales, hanging on every word and imagining I too was rowing my heart out right next to them. 

When my girl Mrs. S started going to our local studio, I decided it was high time to try out this bad boy. I made arrangements with my TH that I would be taking an evening off of mom duty and snuck out for pure physical bliss. 

Since the first class is free, I only had to sign up online. I was quickly called back and given some information regarding the class I was interested in attending.

I got there early, answered some questions, got a tour and run down of how it all works and tried to contain the sheer elation that was fighting to escape my body. I put on my heart rate monitor and became glued to the screen where my name was in shiny orange lights. The minimum goal of "splat points" (getting to that target heart rate) was a 12...I planned to double least.

Since I am obsessed with High Intensity Interval Training, I knew that this heart rate focused circuit workout was riiiiggghhhttt up my alley. And boy was I right! I marched in to that studio ready to take this workout to another level. It had been faaarrrr too long since I had let my crazy cardio junkie out in public and that chick is straight cray...

From the moment I stepped on the first machine and the first beat dropped my body and mind were on FIRE; bright orange fire. While our "coach" (the instructor transitions groups between workouts and motivates people to get into that "orange zone") was shouting motivational comments around, I took it upon myself to kick Mrs. S and I up to where we needed to be. Who was that chick yelling in the mirror on machine #11? Oh yeah, that was me. I was really holding back from grabbing the microphone of the coach and taking over the class myself. These people needed to TURN UP!

For the next 60 minutes I sprinted, rowed, lifted, squatted, screamed, pulled and sweat my thriving tush off and man oh man...did it feel good.  When the coach told us to stop I had one more splat point to earn to reach my goal. So, as others started to clean their equipment, I kept rowing and growling my way to the finish line. And yes, people did stare. But I didn't care, I did it. I met my splat goal and was very proud of my first session. I knew I was only going to get better from here...

I left the studio ten levels higher than cloud 9. As I continued to enjoy my post-fitness adrenaline high I immediately went to the website and reviewed what I needed to do to get hired. There was no doubt in my mind that I was destined to teach there, this was so my jam.

The rest of the night I could feel my body continuing to burn calories as my muscles ached in glory. It was far better than a standard gym class and while it was a bit pricier due to being a private studio, to me, it was well worth the cost. Now....finding the time to actually go was a different matter entirely.

While I wish I could go five times a week, that is just not possible. As the baby gets older and starts to need my boobs less and less I know I will have a bit more free time for myself. I have applied, chatted with the manager and look forward to getting added to the Orange Schedule in the future.

I HIGHLY suggest you give it a try and see for yourself. If you are ready to push it, burn it and reap in the benefits, then this is for you. Please let me know what you think!

Strive to thrive, 

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