Tuesday, February 14, 2017

How to Create "Tribute to Love" Wall

Happy Valentine's Day!! What better way to celebrate another lovey holiday than with a love wall! 

I remember when I first got married and I needed the pictures to be everywhere. As time went on I started to remove most of them keeping only a few out. Aside from the couple on my family wall  my favorites were moved to our bedroom.

It started with my all time top pick, a canvas my Thriving Mommy had made for me from my favorite wedding shot. I absolutely loved this picture and it pretty much summed up my entire event. It highlighted our theme of hydrangeas and was kind of artsy which I adored...it had earned the place of being the centerpiece.  

My non-bio sister Mrs. H had taken my beautifully designed invitation (thanks again for that Mrs. W) and had it custom framed perfect to put that up next to the canvas.

When I was cleaning out an old box I found the letter (or poem rather) my husband and written when he proposed along with the vows we had written to each other. I took an old shadow box frame, arranged all three inside and added some craft hydrangea petals I had lying around (lucky me, I know) to keep with the whole theme.

With my top three wedding momentos taking center stage, I slowly started to around it. First, with my belly shot from the boys...

Followed by the most recent shot of my belly with Mac.

About five years ago, I decided to frame pictures of us getting ready before the wedding. The one of me set next to my husband's side of the bed and vice versa. Well, with three kids those bedside tables fill up pretty fast each night so I decided instead they should make the wall.

Find a wall in your home and start to showcase the love! From weddings to babies and beyond, nothing will bring you more joy than watching it grow.

Strive to thrive, 

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