Tuesday, October 25, 2016

DIY Halloween Toddler Art

I love to get the big boys outside creating at least once a week. With the holiday season fully kicked off, there is nothing more fun than busting out an art project to add to our home and share with family.  With our Fall leaves already sent out in September, it was time to make some "spooky spiders"  for October.

I first gave the boys a half sheet of paper and let them go nutty with my favorite, dot art painters. I thought orange and purple would be appropriate for a background pallet, so the boys got on to slamming down dots.

Once those dried, out came the black, non-toxic, waterproof paint. Now, this is always the hardest part as the boys aren't too crazy about having paint all over their hands....so it can get a bit tricky. 

I paint it on myself, show them that it doesn't hurt so they can stop saying, "oooowwww". My goal was to have each little hand (no thumb of course) be part of the spider body in hopes of getting those little eight fingers to look like spider legs. I quickly placed one of their hands in the center of each paper doing my best to get those wiggly fingers pressed down...wipe down one kid, paint and press the other.  WHEW!  Then I let it dry...

The spiders were a big smudgy but I still loved what I was seeing, hey, it could be a tarantula right?!

Next up, the cobweb. The boys helped me squeeze the black glitter in the corner of the paper in a perfect webbed fashion.

They loved the squiggly line going down from the web to their spider and squealed with delight! Two eyes and our spiders were complete.

Once that glitter dried we were done! I showed the boys how to write Happy Halloween and we all stood back to admire our oh-so spooky spiders!

This craft was easy, fun and can be perfected if your kids aren't slightly terrified of having paint on their hands. Either way, I just love these spiders and can't wait for our next Thanksgiving toddler craft! Stay tuned and get creative!

Strive to thrive, 

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