Thursday, September 1, 2016

Blog Crush of the Week

Around 4:45 -5:00 pm (almost) every night of the week you can find me in the kitchen preparing dinner for my family. Whether it is two little boys or one man and two little boys, I am always making something. It is a pretty special occasion when we go out to eat or even get food to go, so I am most often apron clad and swirling around in la cocina.

Since I am not at all a meal planner (way too restricting for me), but rather a "theme night" girl, I at least know what my options are each evening. I have my go-to meals that I keep on repeat, but even then, I try to only use them at most twice a month. 

My goal is always to add at least one new recipe a week in an effort to mix it up. Plus, it gives me a great opportunity to Recipe Rave Reviews! While I love my cookbooks and use them often, I also love a good food blog. I already shared my love affair with How Sweet It Is and I can assure you, I don't foresee that flame fizzling out anytime soon.  But this week, I realized it is LONG overdue that I share my obsession with Damn Delicious.

I started following my girl Chungah on Pinterest and quickly realized I needed to sign up to get her amazing recipe email blasts on the regular. Her dishes are so easy, so tasty and so perfect for a busy Thriving Mommy on the go. I can honestly say that I use her recipes more than any other and I have yet to be disappointed!

I ordered her cookbook in June and the anticipation has been KILLING me as I wait for it to arrive in just two weeks! Now my phone will no longer need to be covered in kitchen causalities as I reach for it mid stir, my printer will get a break from constantly printing her recipes and finally, yes finally, I can show the love to another cookbook with sticky pages and rough, stained edges. SO excited!

Her site is easy to navigate and her recipe index is truly incredible. I of course LOVE her vegetarian recipes, but I assure you they are all pretty impressive. Her recipes also feature a nutritional breakdowns which make keeping those calories in check a breeze.

If you haven't already checked her out, you should not waste another minute! Your next meal is waiting to be made!

Strive to thrive, 

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