Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Get Excited for MommyCon OC!!!

MommyCon is coming back to Orange County (hoooray!) on Saturday, August 20th and we SoCal mommies are puuummmppped!  This year, the Hilton in Costa Mesa will be hosting and we hope you buy your tickets soon so we can meet you and share the love we have for this Mom-Tastic event!

Nic and I always make a point to go to this event and we are honored once again to be a part of the Media Team bringing you the latest and greatest. During our trip last Fall we found so many amazing products we surely didn't walk away empty handed!

Em choosing her favorite stainless steel products for her family!
As always, she made a friend along the way...and got two eco snackers for her boys!
Love these little chairs so low to the ground...way easier to fall off and not get hurt!
We just can't get enough Re-Play products! ALL These for $5?! Get outta here!
Obvi, Nic took a bag of goodies home...
How about some Silver Nipple Soothers?! Well, why not!

Not only are there great vendors to check out, but all your questions/concerns can be met in one place! Trying to find the best carrier for you and baby? Stop on over the the Baby Wearing lounge to get one on one support and try all sorts of different carriers. This is just the type of location Em learned to tandem baby carry her twins. Ah-maze-ing.

Still unsure if cloth diapering is for you? Why not get more information, ask questions and learn about the variety of options available to you and baby?!

Heck, do a little advertising on your super cute preggo belly while you are there...Thanks Nic!
Disposables still the only thing you can handle? No problem, you can learn more about eco-products and even get a free sample of the newest disposable diaper trend on the scene!

Just when you thought you couldn't shop one more minute...the MommyCon Shoppe is waiting to be hit! We always purchase a shirt or two because they always seem to say exactly what we are thinking...weird we know.

You can even pick up a good book!

We love to leave our mark (TW) before enjoying a light lunch and heading in to check out the excellent speakers that are featured throughout the day. Our top picks last time around were potty training and tantrums.

Not only does MommyCon have amazing, experienced and certified speakers, but hands on training too! We learned how to utilize two different baby wraps and had a grand ole' time trying them out on our sweet little baby dolls.

Even Nic managed to get a good wrap over her then-belly!
MommyCon is always an event we look forward to each year and are gearing up for another amazing experience this August. The first time we went, Em had just had her twins. Last time, Nic was pregnant with BK2. Now Em is expecting her third...WOW, do we Thriving Wives ever stop?!

We want you to be just as excited as we are about MommyCon which is why we will be hosting a giveaway to share some of the amazing treasures we happened upon at our last visit! Stay tuned Thursday for information on how to enter and be our big winner!

Strive to thrive, 

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