Thursday, June 23, 2016

Get Excited for MommyCon OC - Giveaway

If you didn't catch that we are excited about MommyCon coming up in less than two months, then let us again share our joy!

If you too are in the Orange County area (or want to be for the day), then this isn't an even to be missed. Simply because we are so thrilled, we decided to put together a little giveaway package for one lucky Thriving Mommy to win. Not a mommy quite yet? Not to worry, you can still totally enter and give the baby goodies away to a friend or family member. There is no shame in that game!

So just what is in this lovely package you want to know? Well...let's see!
  • Silibib. This 100% silicone bib is designed to lie flat, but also has that amazing hidden pocket to catch the food that always seems to miss your little one's mouth. This bib is dishwasher safe (thank G), hypo-allergenic and can even be boiled to sterilize...say whhhattt?
  • Evenflo Advanced Milk Storage Bags. Still trying out different milk storage bags? Well here is another brand to add to your lineup. These bags boast being made with a highly durable material to ensure that mommy's milk stays extra safe. With a double SafeZip track zipper and a pour spout to minimize possible spillage of that liquid gold..these are a must try!
  • Munchkin White Hot Safety Spoons. These BPA free, dishwasher safe spoons are perfect when starting solids. If you want to warm up that fresh puree you whipped up last night, don't worry about the temperature, let the spoon do it for you. If the tip turns white, it needs to cool. Once the tip of the spoon remains its cute, bright color you are good to go!
  • Re-Play No-Spill Cup. Ready to take a sippy cup for a test drive? Well then, Re-Play is the best way to go. Made from recycled plastic, complete with silicone valve, this cup is easy to use, easy clean and you can feel eco-good about it!
  • Munchkin LATCH 4 oz Baby Bottle.  Take the stress out of bottle feeding with this LATCH bottle from Munchkin. With so many bottles on the market, why not try them all? LATCH bottles mimic mommy's breast, reduce colic and are BPA free. What isn't to like?
  • Mama&Little Linda Silicone Teething Bracelet. One thing is for sure about littles...they need something to chew on...constantly! Why not look good while having your sweet angel get the relief they need on their aching gums. Great to pair with any outfit or accessory, safe for baby (made from 100% silicone) and super easy to clean. DONE!

  • Gentle Baby Roll-On. Em swears by her Gentle Baby Essential Oil Roll-On and shares it as much as she can.  Let the soothing, natural scent of this oil absorb through the bottoms of baby's feet for a good (long) night's sleep. A mommy must have for sure!
  • 100% Soy Homemade Candle. Em and her Thriving Mommy love to share the gift of a homemade candle...made by them of course! Nothing helps a busy mommy wind down faster than a Tuberose candle in a vintage glass, sitting bedside...don't forget your wine!

Now how to enter? Well that is easy! You can visit us on Facebook (we would love a like and a share too) for a single entry. You can kick it up to two entries by liking one of ourThriving Wives Mommy Moments on Instagram  and tagging a friend.  Or you can go all in for three entries by posting a Mommy Moment of your own using the #TWMM and tagging us! The choice is yours, but it can be done as much as you go nutty!

We start today and end on July 7th, so don't waste a minute. We look forward to sharing in your #TWMM and will make sure to keep the posts coming!

Good luck and let's get excited for MommyCon!

Strive to thrive, 

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