Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer Kick Off - Memorial Day Faves

Memorial day weekend is upon us! The start of summer has snuck up yet again and we get to celebrate with a long weekend, (hopefully) warm weather and backyard BBQs..hooo-rah!

If you don't yet have plans, let me assist in helping you fully realize that the best time of year (especially for teachers like me) is heeeerrreeee! Whether you are entertaining or going solo with family this weekend, make the most of it with these Thriving faves.

First, get some Juicy Sangria whipped up for sippin' and sittin' outside.

With your sangria in hand, head outside to enjoy some games with friends and family.

While the competition heats up, everyone can take a quick break to design their own pizza before throwing it on the BBQ.

Don't forget to end with something sweet! Thankfully, now that stone fruit is in season, it is easy to grab some fresh peaches at your local farmer's market and get grillin' for a tasty treat...don't forget the homemade ice cream!

We hope you enjoy the weekend and look forward to welcoming JUNE (and bathing suit season) with open (ish) is NEXT week for G sake!

What are your favorite ways to kick off summer?

Strive to thrive, 

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