Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Yoga for Beginners

I have yet to fall in love with yoga. Despite my Thriving Mommy being devout Yogi and how desperately I want to embrace it, I just can't seem to learn to love it.

While I admire those long and lean yoga bodies and would love to expand my horizons with meditation, I have just never reached that higher level of obsession.  I've tried time and time again to force myself to enjoy it, but my mind is always running wild and all I think about is what I am have to do once I am out of the class. In addition to feeling unfulfilled and wanting to go on a long run; I realized, I am cardio junkie through and through.

But, as my life constantly changes (enter twins and second pregnancy), making sure I get in that insane cardio isn't always an option. While I desperately want to sprint until the cows come home...I can't really do that pregnant. So this time around, gaining strength and flexibility is on the top of my list. Not to mention the calming of a busy mommy mind is something that just sounds. like. heaven.

While I would love to get away to a studio, that just isn't going to happen. So instead, when I put my boys down for their daily nap, I sneak into my bedroom that converts to workout central from 11-12pm.

I grab my beginner yoga poses, turn on my peace jams, get my oils burning and do my best to brreeaathhhheee my way through each move. While I am just starting out, I am dedicated to continuing to keep up my "practice" and incorporate my new moves a few times a week. Heck, I bet my TM would even teach a solo class just for me...I should ask about that.

What workouts are hesitant but determined to try and even learn to love?

Strive to thrive, 

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  1. Great Post! i have read it fully. This is a very inspiring article for me. Thank you so much.


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