Friday, March 4, 2016

The "Little Things" of Love

I've been writing a lot about love lately, frankly because after having kids I appreciate my Thriving Husband more than ever.  Since I find nothing more inspiring than a marriage that has lasted the test of time (and a growing family), I am always seeking wisdom on how to put my marriage first. Getting advice I got from "old" married couples is something I treasure, especially when it is so simple and makes perfect sense.  The "little things", the small, daily acts of kindness that make life a bit sweeter.

I am the first to identify my grand B-ness, and how I tend to give my TH the brunt of it. I try to catch myself, apologize and tell him how much I appreciate him. Granted, there are days when the mere sight of him or sound of his breathing is enough to boil my blood, but that really isn’t his fault.  So, first I have to take responsibility for my feelings and ask myself why I feel the need to punish him for my stress, or frustration. I quickly arrive to the conclusion that I don’t, it isn’t fair - and I hate when he does it to me, so that just won't do.

I scale back my crazy and try to channel all the things about him I love. For example, how he is the best daddy that ever was or will be. He loves spending time with his "amigos" and when the boys are together they disappear into their own world. That is just one of the many things that I adore about my TH, so why not let him feel the love too? For instance, I wish someone would leave me a little love note here and there. So, why not throw a post-it on his steering wheel or jot something sweet on his bathroom mirror?  Even a big ole’ momma bear hug in the middle of dinner making madness to show the only takes 10 seconds...and that's a long one!

It's those simple, "little things" that are free, easy to give and count the most. Maybe it is just a smile from across the room or holding hands while you watch TV, but whatever it is and however you give it, it matters. It only gets harder to slow down life with a house full of kids, but what a great opportunity to show your babies a loving mommy and daddy...starting with the little things!

What are your favorite acts of love to share?

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