Friday, February 19, 2016

Remember When....

While I am only 31, teaching at a high school makes me feel ancient. The fact that I can even recall a time when the internet didn't answer all our questions, using the computer only meant typing practice or Oregon Trail day at school and playing outside was THE only option. That alone practically makes me 100 years old. 

When I think back even five to ten years I am so incredibly grateful for the way it was. The fact that we didn't have smartphones and social media, I mean how absolutely freeing! I not only made it through college but even my bachelorette without these crazy things, and thank goodness! Otherwise, I don't think myself, TH or any of my friends would be currently employed. 

So, let's look back into time and think of when life seemed simpler...

When hashtag was just the pound sign.

 No cell phones, then only car phones, then cell phones that had one job, to make calls.

When you always had .35 to make calls from the pay phone...or called collect, said your name and hang up so your parents knew it was time to come get you.

When every moment wasn't an "insta-worthy" photo op, but just making a memory.

Taking pictures meant using your disposable camera.

The thrill of the unknown when looking at the developed pictures from your disposal camera.


Having a Game Boy and Nintendo was supppppper advanced, then SEGA came along and blew. your. mind.

Using instant messenger on AOL and not having to worry about creepy weirdoes who were trying to kidnap you.

Writing notes to everyone and anyone and the insane folding techniques you used.

When you didn't stalk text people to ask where they just waited.

When you interacted with people around you instead of getting lost in the endless capabilities of your phone.

When you worked hard to become fluent in pager code.

When you got really upset a "so called" friend knocked you out of their"top eight" on My Space.

My Space.

Not worrying about incriminating photos/videos that may surface and haunt you for the rest of your life.

Using the card catalogue at the library to find actual written a book, for research projects.

Printing out directions.

Taping a show if you were going to miss it, using your VHS player that is.

When MTV actually played music videos.

Walkman being amazing...until Discman came out.

Racing to Tower Records or The Warehouse to buy the latest CD and singles.

Waiting outside all night (at the above mentioned stores) to buy concert tickets.

Blasting music from the tape deck in your car.

Mix tapes.

When three-way calling was the most dangerous thing ever.

Crank calling from a landline and giggling about it all night with your girls while sleeping outside under the stars. 

Thinking of how much has changed in such a short period of time honestly has me freaked about what is to come...I mean, really, what is next?!

What are some of your favorite memories from the last 5, 10, 20 years?

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