Monday, February 1, 2016

Make Your Mondays - February 1st

Ever notice the things that stress you out are well...laughable? Hating all the clothes in your closet, noticing chipped polish after a fresh manicure or someone not getting your coffee order right. I mean if that is what causes you headaches, then you might as well tip your head back and give it a good ole' laugh. #champagneproblems baby. So when the next stressful issue makes its way into your day, ask yourself, "Does this really deserve my energy or can I find the humor in it?" Enjoy life as it comes and be prepared to find 


Em had her MIL in town for the weekend and it allowed her a bit of freedom since Grandma time is the best! She was able to sneak away to a gorgeous baby shower in San Clemente, celebrating her girl Lex and getting in some long overdue time with her "sisters"/besties!

Fluids & distractions are key. Also, the towel...

Love Mel! "Thanks for catching me!" Henry says.

Nic kicked the weekend off with a potty learning marathon, and a visit with Henry to see some of his favorite ladies - our midwives! Otherwise she just cuddled up with her family and listened to El Nino rage outside. 

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