Monday, February 15, 2016

Make Your Monday - February 15th

Happy President's Day! Let's take a word from this wise leader and create the future we want for ourselves. Take ownership of what is in your control and forget about the rest. If you want it, go get it. Let us dare to dream and never stop striving to meet our goals.


New look and their first lollipop!
The massive crowd at the festival which quickly turned these old folks away...
This was just one example of the amazing-ness included in Em's book...
Em was happy to have her Thriving Husband home to enjoy the long weekend. To celebrate her boys turning 18 months, she finally gave into the pressure of the anti-mullet campaign and took them to the barber shop for a "big boy" haircut. After recovering from that trauma she and her TH set out to a Reggae festival with friends on Saturday...don't worry, they only made it out until 8:30 pm. Valentine's Day was filled with chocolates and the best gift a Thriving Wife could ever ask for...a handmade coupon book filled with "guilt-free" escapes and beauty treatments. Best. Gift. Ever.

Nic spent most of the weekend gearing up for her first HypnoBirthing class after a long break from teaching! She was thrilled to spend Valentine's Day sharing the love with a group of expectant parents. BK2 also celebrated 2 months on earth - which means her maternity leave is coming to a close way too soon!

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