Wednesday, February 17, 2016

How to Keep Your Home Clutter Free

Clutter. The "stuff" of our lives that if not dealt with, can quickly take over. I myself, I do not play with that clutter mess. Uh uh. I am overly organized in that every-thing has a place and every-place has a thing.

I have had many fellow TWs reach out to me and ask for help in keeping their home clean and clutter free. Well, today I am sharing my top four tips to keep your home and life clutter free!

Designate a place. Every item in my house has a "home". It is a very rare occurrence if something is lost (most often because the place I put it is so amazing I forgot) because every item has a location where it "lives". Determine where you want your things to go and then find a nice, tidy space for them.  For example, we are a shoe free home (I cannot handle the thought of the world's germs on the bottom of your shoes entering my barefoot heaven of a home). Do you think we just pile shoes up by the front door? NO WAY! That is a clutter catastrophe. I use a small basket (complete with lid) to house the shoes that we wear just to go outside the house. All our other shoes go back in to the closet where they belong.

Even my little boys know their shoes go in the basket!

Don't be shy. Clutter is a sweet combination of trash and stuff you actually want/need. And let's be real, that mess doesn't happen overnight, you make it happen over time. By not putting things away, not dealing with mail and not immediately cleaning up after you are done with something...BAM you've created clutter. Now, clutter can often be intimidating, but don't you run from it consumed with fear, you take that mess head on! Go through your crap, throw away what you don't use/need and organize what get a handle on what you do.

Sweet, neat organized space. 
Create an organizational plan.
 Since clutter is just crap build up, fight it with an organizational plan. I know when helping friends get organized, I notice a lot of junk. Like the mail takes on a life of it's own and invites it's other non-put away friends to hang out. Create a plan where you and your family put things away after each use. Done watching TV? Put the remote away. Waking up? Make the bed. Changing into something more comfortable after a long day? Throw clothes in the hamper. Determine what works best for your family, discuss it and make it happen.

When working, clutter it up...but all that is out, must get put away.
Set each room to start. Every room in your house should have a "start". Meaning, nothing is out, everything is in its place and it's as if the room hasn't been touched. Of course it should appear lived in, but not cluttered up. Take your bedroom for example. Each morning plan to make your bed, fluff your pillows, remove your bedside table of excess crap (yes water glass, I am talking to you) and ensure surfaces are free of junk. It makes returning to your bedroom such breath of fresh air to not be slapped in the face with a mess. Looking for more tips on how to "reset" your rooms? Check out my previous post here!

What do you do to ensure your home is clutter free?

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