Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Refocused on 2016

As we know, a new year always comes with "resolutions". Everyone just looooooves to "resolve", to changing some part of their life only to let it fall off later in the month. As a fitness instructor, I can't tell you how packed the gym is in January only to be back to it's regular, year-long crew by Feb. Not that setting goals and wanting better for yourself isn't wonderful, it absolutely is. But, it shouldn't be a once a year thing, it really needs to be a daily thing. Checking in each day and letting go of what happened the day before only to recommit to the day ahead. We as Thriving Wives wanted to share a little of what we want to stay focused on this 2016 in an effort to be a constantly evolving, constantly better-ing Thriving Lady.

Em's 2016 Focus 

1. Be present.  I am always, I repeat, always one step ahead. I am a slave to routine/schedules and am never without a next move. This year, I want to allow my moves to be coming, but not my focus. I don't want to watch the clock waiting for snack time, or when to change the next diaper, but more on relishing in each giggle and squeal. I want to be with my family and disconnected from everything else...especially the constant Wall Street Pit going on in my head.

2. Stop overthinking. So it happened. Get over it. I tend to think, and think, then think some more. Just when I think I am done, I think a bit more. Twisting, turning, analyzing, reflecting....uuggghh, it is too much! I want to let life happen, acknowledge it happened and move the heck on. If I did something wrong, I will own it and then let it go like a silk scarf in the wind. I want to silence my inner monologue and how thinks may play out and just let things happen as they should. If I can't do something, say it, and if anyone minds..? Too. Damn. Bad.

3. Let go of guilt. I allow myself to be racked with guilt. Sick that I can't be in two places at once. Sick that I can't help everyone. Sick that I want to get a manicure and not check my phone for two whole hours (let's include travel time and time for a coffee treat). Face it, we all need to do things for ourselves. I know I need to workout in some way each day or I am not a nice person. I want to have lunch with my friends once in awhile and not have to be concerned about when the boys are going to lose it in their high chairs and how fast I need to eat to make sure I am prepared for when s*&% goes down. Sometimes I just want...time...I want to feel ok not only asking for that "me" time but accepting when it is happily given to me and not work myself up over nothing because I took the damn time I asked for! Even though I am so sick of the song I could vomit here on the keyboard, I just want to..."Let it go....."

4. Be thankful but keep dreaming. I am almost living 100% of my dream life. I have my forever home, an amazing husband, a selfless and supportive family (especially my TM), the sweetest children and a wonderful professional career that allows me to work part time. I have just about everything I ever dreamed of...just about. This year I want to continue to work towards my ultimate dreams but never stop appreciating all the greatness I experience each day. I know how fortunate I am and I want to appreciate what I have while always working towards fulfilling my personal passions.

5. Strive to Thrive. As a Thriving Wife, I always put my best foot forward. At work, at home, with friends with strangers. I want to be the best. I will continue to strive to thrive in all I do and look for opportunities for growth. Whether learning something new, seeing something from a different perspective, or taking on a new challenge, I look forward to thriving.

Nic's 2016 Focus 

1. Seek more balance. It's an illusion, right, this whole "balance" thing? Well that doesn't mean I don't need to put more energy into seeking it out. The times when I've let that balance slip really far have been some of the most challenging, so it's something I want to keep an eye on this year. This includes some very important self-care!

2. Grow my passions. I have a lot in store, professionally, this year and I am so excited about following my dreams and seeing just how far I can go!

3. Focus on my marriage. Adding two kids in 3 years to our marriage has definitely taken it's toll, and I'm ready to put in some more legwork to make sure we really go the distance.

4. Be fearless. Along with my new adventures (career and adding a second child) comes a great deal of fear, and I plan to tackle that beast head on so it doesn't interfere with any of my growth!

5. Nurture friendships. Since growing/raising children has been my primary hobby as of late, I've certainly slacked on nurturing some important relationships in my life. My new journey as a birth worker is also opening up a whole new network of fascinating people that I want to make sure I keep around. I've seen the importance of a "tribe" and feel mine could use some robust-ing!

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