Monday, January 4, 2016

Make Your Monday - January 4th

Well, here we are. The first Monday of a new year. How will you be starting the week? There has never been a better time to set new goals and recommit yourself to what you feel is important. Find what makes you happy and hold onto it. Look at each moment as a gift and make the most of what life throws your way. Happy 2016, now let's get this year off to a Thriving start...there is no better time like the present!


New Year's Eve called for Em to use her vintage China!
Playing outside on the "property ride"

Em hosted a lovely New Year's Eve dinner to her TM and TH....even though her TM did all the cooking! After a lovely dinner (and even a few games) she made the most of the rain free weekend getting out of the house, working out in her forest and taking care of a sick little boy (darn those colds!).  With 2016 upon her she looks forward to re-committing to her goals of health, happiness and personal growth.

Nic had a big outing this weekend taking BOTH her little angels to a smashing New Year's Eve bash....just for a bit of course. With a new 2016 ahead she is excited to balance being a mommy to two beautiful boys and keep working towards her passion of being the best Birth Educator this world has ever seen!

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