Monday, January 25, 2016

Make Your Monday - January 25th

This week, our focus is only to bring good vibes to ourselves and those around us. No negativity, no stress, no anger; just peace. Know someone who needs some extra love and care this week? Send it out into the Universe. When you start to falter and feel life taking you to a dark place, focus on what makes you happy and reset your mind with a smile. 


Em kicked off another beautiful So Cal weekend by taking her boys to Disneyland for their first visit. With the help of her (amazing) Thriving Mommy, they met up with Em's SIL and her three kids for a day of fun. The boys loved going on rides and getting their "rite of passage" Mickey hats. After spending the rest of the weekend cleaning, organizing, shopping and prepping for the week ahead, her boys got some much needed Daddy time watching football (ok...they sat like that for 30 seconds).

Nic's weekend was simple but pleasant - quality time with all her boys! She did manage to slip away (with Henry in tow of course) for a brief birth business meeting on Saturday. A mother's work is never done as they say...

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