Monday, January 18, 2016

Make Your Monday - January 18th

Your dreams are your own and you control them. Do not allow others to take away from anything in which you believe. While the world may give you challenges and try to bring you down, stay positive, stay grateful and keep moving forward. We hope you enjoy this extra day in your weekend to be with friends and family and prepare for another Thriving week ahead!


Little boy hands being what they should be...outside and dirty!
Clarke looking excitedly at his very own creek!
Em filled up her social calendar with a lunch on Saturday and date night out on Sunday. When not out and about she was spending time playing outside with her boys and enjoying the beautiful weather!

Nic too enjoyed some time outside watching her biggest boy (only 2.5 mind you) scoot all over the place at what seemed to be 100 miles per hour! They just grow up so fast...

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