Monday, January 11, 2016

Make Your Monday - January 11th

With the year in full swing, we continue to focus on the goals we set for 2016. As with our personal goals, we strive to brighten the lives of those around us and share the joy and love we create for ourselves. This week let's celebrate with a party of kindness. When you are feeling down, stressed, frustrated and overwhelmed, reach in your pocket, grab a handful of confetti happiness and let it glitter through the air as you reset, find your joy and be kind to yourself and others.


Quick photo shoot break to see the chickens!

This mommy is always trying to kiss her boys!
Em celebrated her last official weekend on break by a jam packed weekend. On Friday she spent most of the day in Orange County using her organizational skills to help a Thriving Wife in need. Saturday she headed with her family to her local Farmer's Market before knocking out a lovely little photo shoot for her annual Valentine's Day card. Sunday she prepped for the week ahead by cleaning, cooking and lots of snuggles!

Nic stayed busy wrangling a toddler while snuggling a newborn. After Em's organizational visit on Friday she prepped for the week ahead watching both her boys an THRIVING at home!

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