Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Thriving Wives GIVEAWAY - Essential Oils & #thrivingwivesmoment

What better way to say, "Adios" to 2015 than to host an interactive giveaway!! We are dying to meet some of our fellow Thriving Wives as well as share a few of our favorite things with you. With the help of our Oil Specialist Nat, we put together quite a steal! Get excited to ring in the new year with this Thriving, All Natural, Essential Oil Cleaning Bundle and kick start your 2016.

When keeping house we Thriving Wives always need to be looking our best.  Nothing this gorgeous Anthropologie apron can't help with! And as much as we do dishes, our hands are left dry and ragged. With manicures to protect, these pretty in pink gloves will keep your hands (and nails) in perfect shape while getting those chores done!

In an effort to support our winner get off to the right start in 2016 we've worked with Nat to pick our favorite oils to keep your home clean and safe. An amber 16 oz glass bottle is ready and waiting for you to mix up your own Thriving Cleaner in the comfort of your own home.  There is no mess that Thieves and Lemon Oil can't take care of!

Weren't able to write down our Thriving Cleaning recipes? Don't worry, we've included one to help you get started!

Now, we know you are all freaking out and super excited to enter this Thriving Giveaway.  We even bet you are having a hard time formulating words as to how on Earth you could be our big winner. Well, it's easy. First, make sure you are following us on Instagram.  Second, capture a Thriving Wives moment and share it with us on Instagram.

Tag us @thrivingwives and use the hashtag #thrivingwivesmoment. These moments can be anything you consider to be TW-worthy. Here are some examples to get you started:

Baking a cake to start the New Year....tag and share it!
Whipping up a cup of tea? Tag and share it!
Martini after a long day? Tag and share it!
Starting today, you have two weeks to enter as many #thrivingwivesmoment (s) you can muster. We will review all the entries and carefully choose the most Thriving of pictures. We will announce our big winner on Wednesday, January 13th and drop your package in the mail the next day.

Nat is still offering her money back deal if you purchase a Premium Starter Kit by January 31st! Email her at to take advantage of this great opportunity.

Questions? Email us at Otherwise, what are you waiting for?! Get thriving!!!

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