Monday, December 14, 2015

Make Your Mondays - December 14th

Kindness is the easiest gift to give. You can share it with people you love, people you don't care for and even strangers. Being kind to others instantly makes you and others feel good. Think of small acts of kindness you can do throughout your day and brighten the lives of others. Now, let's do it!


Thriving at the location of the Christmas party and using the hostess' original oven to bake lasagna!
Wrestling match, round 15 
The amazing Nic snuggling with her two loves. 

Em was the referee to toddler wrestling matches all weekend while also co-hosting a Christmas party for her Women's Club on Friday. However, she was mostly focused on waiting for the call to head out to Orange County for Nic's beautiful, natural, home birth. Saturday morning, she jumped in the car and made it just in time to witness the most beautiful and magical experience that ever existed; birth has it was created and intended to be had. Nic displayed her true unicorn-ism and ultimate ROCKSTAR ability producing a perfect baby boy from her womb. Both are doing well and adjusting to their new worlds wonderfully. Favorite quote of the weekend, "Waterbirth, it's not just for mermaids".  

A HUGE congratulations to Nic and her family on their new addition, we love you lots!!

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