Sunday, December 6, 2015

Make Your Monday - December 7th

Don't get swept up in surrounding energy that doesn't make you feel good and move you towards what you want. It is easy to be influenced by things that happen throughout your day and to get swept up in things that don't truly matter. Forget it! Focus only on how you want to feel and how you plan to make it happen.

Clarkey-puss reading his Jingle Bells book while snuggling in his new cozies!
My fat (and oh so blurry) Santa!
Em spent Friday and Sunday single mommin' it while her TM was away and her TH worked at the fire house. Saturday she got in some family time and tried a new restaurant in town.  With the holidays in full swing at her house, the highlight of her days are seeing which Christmas pajamas her boys pick out each night...thank you to my wonderful MIL for sending them!

Anxious "baby here yet?" inquiries are starting to roll in, so I like this graphic to post on social media to keep them at bay.
Nic's birth altar, complete with affirmation flags and colored in pages from her blessingway! Last minute details will still need to be configured once it's "go time" as they are not toddler friendly. Not pictured - her entire bedroom is lined with twinkle lights!

As Nic's guess date gets closer and closer, she continues to make finishing touches on her #holidayhomebirth space, and preparing her mind and body. Unfortunately a nasty cold also swept through her house so she has been tireless in her efforts to keep those yucky symptoms at bay lest she go into labor with a stuffy nose (no one wants that)!

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