Monday, December 21, 2015

Make Your Monday - December 21st

Keep your joy factor up and focus on what you want. How do you feel when doing something? How do you feel when thinking about something? If you don't feel good, DONT DO IT! Take ownership of your happiness and feel good. Conjure up what makes you happy and focus on nothing else...why not?


Em enjoyed her first weekend of Christmas Break by taking her little ones to the see some crazy Christmas lights, it was wonderful! She spent the rest of the weekend preparing for a week in the Bay Area to visit family.  Bring on the holidays!

A first look at Nic's birth photos c/o Ruby Rose Stocking. Sandy the doula dog!
Nic is still basking in her postpartum glow, meeting each day's challenges with two children and soaking up LOTS of baby snuggles. To her surprise, she is healing rapidly but owes this largely to simply not leaving her bed/couch in those first seven days to allow her body to heal properly. Henry is nursing like a champ, as evidenced by the massive amount of diapers they are already going through! Let the babymoon continue...

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