Friday, December 18, 2015

DIY Copycat Christmas Projects

I hear Christmas, I think lights: decorations, tree, hot chocolate, baking, family...and crafts! There are so many amazingly cute Christmas-ey things out there, I just want to buy them all. But, why would I spend money on something I could whip up myself?! 

With so many items being chalk related these days, it is a breeze to copy almost anything! You can purchase your own cheap chalk signs, throw on some holiday stickers (I suggest buying them on clearance) and write your own countdown to do each morning. #boom

Milk bottles for Santa? Grab a Starbuck's frappuccino bottle at 7-11, drink it, soak off the label and add one of your own. Maybe you have some chalk stickers you want to use? Even a standard white label would work if you get frisky with a metallic pen...the possibilities are endless. Throw in a cute paper straw and you are ready to hydrate the big man!

How about these wood blocks? Buy a 2x4 at Home Depot, have a kind gentlemen (or lady) cut it up for you, paint them any holiday color and throw down your best script to spell a special Christmas message. Can be made in a jiffy and displayed anywhere in your home!

Why spend $30 on this when you can easily whip one up yourself? Grab a stake, a few pieces of wood (or thin board from Home Depot if you'd rather), paint and write! You can showcase this lovely sign in your front yard or even a favorite flower pot. 

Now, who is ready to get crafting?!

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