Friday, November 20, 2015

Thanksgiving for a Fire WIfe

It is hard to believe that Thanksgiving is less than a week away. With only weekend before the great eat-a-thon kicks off, this Thriving Wife has gets to relax and enjoy another non-traditional celebration.

As a fire fighter's wife, each year presents a new schedule which dictates the holidays we get to spend as family.  This year, my TH will have Thanksgiving day off, but works the day before and the day after, which leaves me single-mommin' it with the babies. My TM will be leaving the Country Estate to head to the Bay Area to be with our family. While I would love to accompany her and take my assigned spot next to my Poppa at the dinner table, I know that being with my TH is where I need to be.

Alas, what am I to do.  Two toddlers and a whole Thanksgiving dinner to whip up for 2 people?...Well let's say 2.5 for this year. No, no, no, I just can't bear it. Even with my crazy organizational tactics I am feeling overwhelmed at the thought of all that shopping, prepping and cooking.

Thankfully my TH knows all I really want to do on Thanksgiving is watch the parade, eat something tasty (since I am a vegetarian the love of turkey is lost on me) and pack away the Autumn decor to decorate for Christmas. So, instead of slaving away in the kitchen all day while trying to manage two busy boys we are ordering in, blaring Christmas music and decorating! Now, doesn't that sound like such fun?! Whooooo hooooo is all I have to say about that.

So another Thanksgiving goes without a major to-do (this will make the third one in a row we have gone rouge) as we wait until our boys get a bit bigger and then we will make sure to bust out the feast. But for now, we will spend time together with our little family and reflect on the countless things we are thankful for.

What are your holiday plans? Ever forced to go on your own instead of being with family/friends?

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