Friday, November 13, 2015

MommyCon 2015

It is finally heeeerrrreee!! MommyCon 2015 has arrived and we Thriving Wives cannot wait to get in! After an amazing experience last year in Newport Beach, we knew we needed more MommyCon in our lives. We were thrilled to have been chosen as feature bloggers and look forward to all the greatness to come tomorrow.

With 35 exhibitors to check out we are going to be busy chatting, snapping photos and devouring as much information as possible. We even decided to make this a "work" day and left the babies at home... well all but the one in Nic's belly!

Aside from all the fun we know we are going to have, we literally cannot wait to sit in on the speakers presenting: Potty Training, Temper Tantrums and Baby Wrapping 101!  We wish we could say more tickets were available, but this year they are SOLD OUT! (if you are desperate for tickets check out the MommyCon SoCal Facebook page where people may be trying to offload theirs). 

Make sure you stay tuned next week to get the breakdown of the Thriving Knowledge we gained and grab your MommyCon swag from us! If you will be attending this event please let us know on any of our social media outlets - we'd love to say hi! Don't forget to use #mommyconOC!

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