Monday, November 2, 2015

Make Your Mondays - November 2nd

Practice what you preach. If you say you want something, do everything in your control to make it happen. Align your energy with positive thoughts and send out those "good vibraaations" (sing that please). Trust the Law of Attraction will do what it is meant to do and never lose faith that you are the controller of your own destiny.  If you see and believe it to be true, it will be.


Em hosted her girl Mrs. S for the weekend as her TH worked a 72 hour shift and her TM was out of town. She was not only grateful for the girls time, but also to have an extra set of hands! With no trick-or-treaters coming out to her Country Home and her boys being too little to walk any suburb, she let her little "Love Machines" play at home while she and Mrs. S ate candy and drank wine to celebrate!

Nic donned her much anticipated (mom-made) Khaleesi costume and took her two dragons to a friend's house for some real trick or treating fun (her neighborhood doesn't get many)! BK1 loved handing out candy to all the kids that came by, and managed to only eat a little himself. BK2 kicked up a storm, knowing he was missing out on all the action!

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