Monday, November 16, 2015

Make Your Mondays - November 16th

It is Monday again, the week ahead can be anything you make it. The last full week of work before Thanksgiving; now we choose what we want to see. No matter how crazy work gets, no matter how stressful things feel at home, no matter what is going on, make your intent to look for what you want to see. 


Homemade candles to bless BK2!
We had a THRIVING weekend hitting MommyCon on Saturday with fancy media VIP passes! After a busy day Em raced back to the country to prep for a Sunday in Redondo as she assisted the talented Mrs. A in hosting a magical Blessingway for Nic. Blessingway you ask? Stay tuned for more info on this incredible way to send positive energy and love to a special mommy in your life. 

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