Wednesday, November 4, 2015

How to Fall in Love with Contact Paper

Ohhhhhhhhh, contact paper. How I have hated you for so long. The hours upon hours I spent trying to control you as I lined shelves and drawers of numerous homes. The stress you caused me as you stuck to yourself and bubbled left and right. Why? Why did you have to do that to me? Why are we in this place? Let's try again......with this closet.

This little closet tucked in my"great room" inspired me to give contact paper another go. Thankfully, my kitchen didn't need any contact covering, so I felt this was a project I could take on without too much fear of failure. I went to the store and was thrilled to see that contact paper had come a long way since we last hung out, which was 5 years ago.  I was impressed with the patterns and designs now being featured. 

I chose a few complimenting styles and decided to get my new linen closet looking classy and sassy. I grabbed my tape measure, determined the length and prepared my piece. I was incredibly nervous for the main event, you know, the actual sticking, but I felt channeled confidence and was dedicated to making this new relationship work. 

With my measurements in hand, I cut as close to perfect as possible and prepared to do the most difficult task of all....stick it. I wiped down the shelf to rid it of any dust and stuff, took a deep breath, and aligned my positive energy...this would work.

I pulled, stay focused and pulled. Off went the bottom sticker as I smoothed with my arm across the top....I had this, I had this.

YES!!! So far, I was doing great. I tucked the lip, to bring it all together and smiled. One shelf down, four to go. 

I was feeling good about my approach, so I grabbed the next pattern and tried it again.

Success! Before I knew it, I was done!! Four perfect shelves, all done!

Each time I open that closet (now packed with assorted towels, sheets and rugs) I am incredibly proud of myself. I was not only in love with how it looked, but I was so surprised at how non-traumatic it was. I  dare say I enjoyed it, can you believe it? There must have been some serious scientific advances in the sticking ability or something, because it was not at all as horrible as I remember. I actually look forward to using it again and have been seeking out contact projects!

Do you have any horror stories about contact paper? Ready to give it another go?

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