Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Thriving Marriage - Remember How it Started

Think back to when it all started, when you first started to fall in love with that certain someone. Now, hopefully yours is far more classy than my frat party memory, but, whatever it is, take yourself back. What was it like? Then think back to the great times you had when you were as I like to say, "young and free". When you and your special someone were having fun and enjoying every minute together. You know, before the careers took off and there were little angles in your life, before you were so busy you had to try and remember the last time you really hung out.  Can you even think back that far?

I am all about putting family first and there is no doubt that our two boys have brought nothing but pure joy to our home. But, I still believe it is essential to carve out meaningful mommy and daddy time.  A strong marriage is the foundation of a strong family and it is important that we as parents not forget who we fell in love with and why.  

I am sure we have all heard those stories of parents who are so focused on their children that once they go off to college and the house is empty they look at each other and ask, "Who the heck are you?". How does that happen? How do two people who created a family together drift so far apart that they no longer can even relate? To me, there is nothing more terrifying. The mere thought of life without my TH is enough to make me start hyperventilating. So what is a Thriving Wife to do? Sllllooooowwww doooooowwwwnnnn.

I think we can all agree that time flies. It goes so fast sometimes I want to cry as I think back to all the times I never fully appreciated how wonderful my life was. I am sure we all conjure memories and long for days past, but as we all know, we cannot go back. I try to use those reminders to keep me present in the now. If I don't make the effort to slow down and keep my relationship strong with my TH, I won't get to go back. The time is now.

As we enter another holiday season, let us be thankful for our relationships and not forget the two people that started it all. Let us Thriving Wives set aside our busy schedules and just be present with our THs. Schedule an extra date night, prepare a special dinner once the kids are in bed or simply not fall asleep while watching a movie together (I am usually guilty of this myself). Whatever you can do, do it now. Your partners are the ones who once made your life complete, don't forget that as life speeds up and passes you by.

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