Monday, October 5, 2015

Make Your Mondays - October 5th

We love a good life plan, but sometimes we Thriving Wives need to accept that life will play out as it should. You don't always need to know what is coming next and make sure you are prepared. Sometimes the most treasured moments in life are the unexpected. So, breathe, trust, let go and enjoy the ride life takes you on.


Having some fun out on the grass in the backyard!

Em had an amazing weekend kicked off by a loooooong overdue date night with her TH. With her new fave midi-dress on they hit the town (uber and all) for drinks and a fancy dinner for two. But sure enough, after only two hours, she and her TH were ready to head home, put on cozies and head to is that for old lady?! Saturday she hit up a home show with her TM to get ideas for their houses while Sunday's rain didn't stop her from heading to OC to get in some much needed Nic time!

On Saturday, Nic traveled north to LaLa land with her TH to see some college friends at a housewarming party, and met a few adorable pups (like the one above) as well! They left once the sun set of course, for fear of Nic actually turning into a pumpkin as opposed to simply looking like one. Sunday she got straight to work continuing the recent pregnancy-induced nest-a-palooza that's been happening - straightening, organizing, doing 800 loads of laundry, all to have a 2 year old make a mess of everything. After her Thriving date with Em and the boys, she went back at it by sanding down and painting a second hand dresser for BK2... stay tuned for that fun DIY project!

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